Caribbean Crime and Criminal Justice: Impacts of Post-colonialism and Gender

Despite high crime rates among men in the Caribbean, rising rates of violence against women in the region, and a significant number of Caribbean nationals incarcerated abroad due to drug smuggling, existing research has yet to offer explanations that are tailored to the unique Caribbean societies and the individuals in them. This edited volume adds to the existing body of scientific, empirical and theoretical work on crime (victimization), and criminal justice in the Caribbean, with a specific focus on impacts of post-colonialism and gender. To investigate these impacts on a developing Caribbean criminology, the contributions in this volume focus on how impacts of post-colonialism, associated racial stereotypes, and/or gender throughout the Caribbean impact on (a) types of offending, (b) victimization, and © criminal justice system responses and policies. Eds: Katharina J Joosen, Corin A Bailey. Aspha Bijnaar in Reframing criminalized resistance strategies of female slaves in the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname during the era of colonialism (Aspha Bijnaar, Karin Lurvink and Katharina J. Joosen).